James Furlong

James Furlong
I am a young London-based voice-over artist with a bright, natural, upbeat voice with “not just the boy next door” tones. My natural accent is RP but I can also produce a range of regional British and English-speaking accents. For a sample of what I have to offer, have a listen to my Commercial and Narrative reels below.

Commercial Reel

Narrative Reel

I have a background in stage acting, so my voice is versatile and I can produce a great range. I also love to play with my voice: accents, character and cartoon voices, you name it, I love to try something new or bring out an old favourite.

My rates are very reasonable and I’m happy to negotiate and offer significantly reduced rates to charities and other good causes. If you like what you hear and might want to use me for your project, please contact me at horatio.furlong@gmail.com to discuss my rates and availability.